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So you’re wondering… in the year 2014 - if you combined that classic sexy 90s R&B vocal, with some really eloquent word formations over progressive, future-facing instrumentals - what would it sound like?

Introducing Abhi Raju & Dijon Duenas, an duo from the US who have been quietly making strides in the underground for over a year now. Earlier this year they remixed / reworked Oceaan’s already incredible Need U, to creating a brand spanking shiny new jam in it’s own right, and most recently they produced what appears to be an official remix of MNEK's Every Little Word. Dope.

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Abhi//Dijon - Abhi//Dijon EP ( 2014 )


Some of you may know that I’m a huge Abhi//Dijon fan. From the early releases, with every track, they have done something new. Something that sounds like A//D, nothing else. This producer & singer duo is going to be big. There’s only one bad thing about this release, it makes me want more music from them. 





Abhi//Dijon // 13

All it takes is one listen to Maryland’s Abhi//Dijon to know that the Maryland based duo has something special. When I stumbled on the earlier track “Twelve" I knew right from the start that this was a group that didn’t stray away from being called R&B but with their latest self titled release, I’ve come to realize that while they embrace these influences and make them work in their favor, they’re also taking it to another level in the process, Throughout the four track release, Abhi//Dijon smoothly impassions bodies with enticing beats, velvet soft vocals, and sincere lyricism that could easily make you mistake it for being crafted during the time when R&B was back at its finest. Up until now Abhi// Dijon has quietly made their way under a lot of radars, but if the recent attention that this group has recieved is any indication of what’s to come then there’s no doubt that they’ll find a place in headphones everywhere soon enough.

You can grab the self titled EP for free over on soundcloud.

Author: Jon

Anonymous asked: i really love your e pianos and the anragment around it. what kind of synth or vst are u guys using? mostly for e pianos??

we used a roland juno-d and a gaia for most of the synth work, maybe used the electric piano on Logic a couple times as well 




abhi//dijon // twelve.

the boys dpat and atu killin shit as usual fuckkkkkk one of the best joints of the year so far 

bruh Jamie XX destroyed this shit